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My March Face Palm Moment - Why Do I Need IE8 Media Query Support?

Short answer is I don’t. If you’ve every had one of those face palm developer moments, you’ll know what I’m talking about here.

A call in my FreeStack Responsive theme’s index.html file head area was for a JS file that provided media query support for IE8. Trouble is, I found out that this script has been causing any FreeStack Responsive theme pages using one of the FSR Add-ons Pack 1 nav menu stacks to lock up and not display correctly in IE8.

Then I got to thinking, why I am I bothering with media query support for IE8 when no tablet or smartphone runs IE8 to begin with? Yep definitely one of those face palm WTF was I thinking when I added this in place moments.

The next FreeStack Responsive theme and stacks bundle update will have this corrected and removed. In the meantime if anyone wants to remove it from their FreeStack Responsive theme’s index file themselves, here’s the code to remove:

<!—[if lt IE 9]>
<script src=””></script>


Celebrating Start of 10th Year Selling Rapidweaver & Sandvox Products. Get 35% Off!

It just seems like yesterday that we downloaded Rapidweaver in December 2004 and Sandvox in Jan. 2006, and then released themes for each of them a month later respectively.

Now 320+ Rapidweaver themes and 100+ stacks, and 200+ Sandvox designs later here we are in 2014 finding ourselves at the start of our 10th year doing this.

To celebrate we are offering 35% off all our products through Sunday February 9th! 

For our Sandvox designs enter the discount code: blueball9anniversary

For our Rapidweaver themes and stacks enter the discount code: blueball10anniversary

Thanks again to the tens of thousands of Rapidweaver and Sandvox users who have supported us over the past 9 years. We have big plans for some new products in our upcoming 10th year so stay tuned for more.

First up will be our new Blueball Design site redesign coming next week.


New FreeStack Showcase Site Posted

May 10, 2011

We were initially struck by the striking and clean professional layout of But then the depth of the site and all the extras built into it made us sit up and say “wow what a Rapidweaver site!”

This site was made using Rapidweaver, the Stacks page plugin, and our Blueball FreeStack theme and stacks. Be sure to go down a few levels to check out all that was added into the pages.

FreeStack Featured Site #2 05-11-11