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RW/Writer 1.5: Now with multiple blogs and unlimited clients!

I am happy to announce that we have pushed out a major v1.5 update for RW/Writer that includes a powerful new and simpler user interface for managing your RW/Writer web app accounts and clients.

This new blog management user interface allows you to easily add RW/Writer blog accounts for your clients without involving them in the process, enable blog account access, switch between blog accounts, and more.

Today I’m going to touch on how to add a new RW/Writer web app account for your client using the new Add New Blog pane located in the top left sidebar in your My Blogs page.

Adding A New RW/Writer Web App Account For Your Client.


In the Add New Blog pane area you’ll see several text fields where you have to fill in some information on the new client RW/Writer blog account you want to set up.

Fill in the information as requested for the Title, Blog URL, Author Name, Timezone (select from menu options), and Description. When completed you will see the subtotal cost appear for the new RW/Writer web app account for your client (you should see $1.99 Per Month). Your credit card will be billed immediately for the new web app blog account for your client for the amount shown after the new web app account is created.

Click the Create Blog button and you’re done! For you and your clients this is a win-win situation. There is NO client involvement in the new blog account setup! Your clients are NOT billed! Your clients DO NOT have to buy anything! Your clients just log in and start writing on their blog posts!

What happens after I create a new  RW/WRiter web app account for my client?

So like most RW/Writer users who are adding an account for a client, you are probably wondering how my client is notified about their new RW/Writer web app account you just set up and what notification they will receive.

After clicking the Create Blog button, your client will receive an email similar to the one shown below advising them of their new RW/Writer web app account and invite them to log in and activate their RW/Writer web app account and get started writing their first post.


More posts to follow detailing other new RW/Writer v1.5 web app account features on our new multiple account and client management system to follow. We hope you find the series helpful while using RW/Writer.


Blueball FreeStack Responsive Theme & Stacks Bundle v2.0 Update Out!

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to announce the release of our FreeStack Responsive theme and stacks bundle v2.0 update release! Apart from a few minor bug fixes, the new features and updates added into this update were all made in answer to the many suggestions and feature requests FreeStack Responsive users had made to us.


This is a FREE and major update to both the FreeStack Responsive theme and its stacks, and one that I strongly recommend all FreeStack Responsive users make. There are so many new features and updates that it’s hard to list them all in this post. New stuff like a built-in full screen body background responsive image theme variation, to new font styles, new image size controls, reworked FreeStack R 2 and 3 Columns stacks and MUCH more! We’ve also added improved IE8 display support too for those needing it.

To find out more on what was updated and added into FreeStack Responsive v2.0, check out the following readme files:

FreeStack Responsive v2.0 Changlog
FreeStack Responsive v2.0 User Guide
FreeStack Responsive v2.0 Custom Images

We hope you find all the new features and updates useful while you build your responsive RapidWeaver sites with FreeStack Responsive. Thanks again for your continued support, suggestions, and help in making FreeStack Responsive better for everyone!


New RW/Writer Yearly Subscription Payment Option Now Available!

In answer to many Rapidweaver user requests who had expressed interest in our RW/Writer stacks and RW/Writer web app, we now offer a new RW/Writer web app “Yearly” subscription payment option! You can view this on the RW/Writer home page.

This is the perfect solution for anyone just wanting to make a single payment each year for your RW/Writer web app subscription instead of using our default monthly payment option.

We are working hard to add in some great feature suggestions now to make RW/Writer as great as we can for Rapidweaver users! More to follow on some exciting new features soon.